Monday, July 23, 2012

Time Flies

Parenting little ones can be tough sometimes. Endless days and nights run together, overflowing with laundry piles, cooking, dishes, nights being up with babies or sick children. It's been said many time before, but now I am another voice of experience sharing, yet again, these words of wisdom. Try to enjoy your little ones, and don't worry so much about everything else. Pretty soon, they'll be all grown up and leaving the "nest." You'll be left with the memories of those warm, sticky little hands you once held, those adorable little faces that trusted you so much, those miniature arms that once held your neck and flooded your heart with love. You'll remember their sweet little toddler voices asking you to stay until they fell asleep because they were afraid. When they are grown up and walking out of your door, you won't regret the sleep you lost or the dreams you gave up so that you could be a parent. You won't care whether you got all the nice things you wanted, or saw the places you longed to see. You'll only regret the time that got away. And boy, does it get away...

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