Friday, December 24, 2010



My daughter
My love
My princess
My bride!

How I delight in you!
The sight of you brings joy to my heart!
For I took meticulous care
When I thought you up
How I anticipated with excitement
The joy of the day
You would be conceived!

As your mother cradled you and held you
Close to her heart,
So did I.
As your father wondered in amazement
At your tiny fingers and toes,
So did I.
I could not help but be proud
As I told all of heaven my plans for you,

She’ll have a space between her teeth
And a little ball on the end of her nose
Sprinkled with freckles
A face inviting friendship
Her thoughts will find no hiding place
Behind her café au lait colored eyes
She won’t be very tall or thin
Instead, she’ll be strong
A hard worker
And never a quitter.”

I sighed the times you looked in the mirror
And thought you weren’t pretty
Or wished you were somebody else
For I made you unique
Unlike anyone else in the world
In MY image
A beauty to behold
By MY standards.

There was never a time I was far
Nor when I didn’t feel your sorrow.
I remember the times you were so scared
You hid under your bed.
I hid there with you.
I remember the nights you cried yourself to sleep
Because you thought I couldn’t hear you.
I cried there with you.

Though your choices sometimes broke my heart
Never did my love for you fade
I let you suffer consequences
Knowing that your suffering
Would bring you home
Back into my arms
Home sweet home again.

Even in the most difficult times
My plans for you were playing out
The tragedies you would experience
The loneliness you would face
The sorrow that would be your friend
They shaped you
Made you a facilitator
Of my grace
A missionary to the hurting
The broken, and the lost.
Declaring my love forever!

My daughter
My love
My princess
My bride!

Copyright Amelia Avila

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