Friday, January 28, 2011

Butter Tales

The stuff I think about when I look at the butter dish :-)

The mother bought a crystal dish
And placed it on the counter
In the center adorning it
Was a lovely stick of butter

Creamy white and flawless
Waiting for attention
So all the guests arriving
Could admire her perfection

By and by came little ones
Who touched and tasted and spread
The butter in the crystal dish
On their toasted bread

Soon thereafter came the mother
With visions of perfection
Staring at the butter dish
That needed her attention

For the butter in the crystal dish
Was full of holes and crumbs
Smashed and smeared and mostly gone
Before her guests had some

But then the mother realized
That the butter in the dish
Was even much more beautiful
Than she could ever wish

For a dish adorned with butter
Full of crumbs and holes and smeared
Meant there were many blessings
For little ones lived here.

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